Call Of Vengeance

Chapter 1 His Daughter

"Are you my dad? I'm so hungry. They won't give me any food. They locked me up with big dogs. These big dogs look so fierce. They bit me all over. I'm in pain. I'm so scared. Boohoo..."

In the Arlanctic Ocean, on a massive battlefield filled with smoke, countless aircraft carriers and cruisers were engaged in a fierce battle on the sea.

On the flagship aircraft carrier painted with a crimson dragon, a phone rang in the command tower.

Guy Delgado's face was cold as he was about to hang up, saying, "Wrong number."

"It's impossible. My mom wouldn't lie to me! My dad is Guy Delgado, and I'm Ida Delgado. My mom said she knows you and will never regret it for the rest of her life!"


Guy paused for a moment as if he was struck by lightning.

Ida Delgado!

"You... You are my daughter!"

A crisp sound came from the other end of the phone, accompanied by the little girl's screams.

She had been slapped!

"You filthy little bastard, how dare you make a secret phone call!"

"No, Mr. Jarvis! I won't do it anymore! Please, don't hit me..."

The phone was hung up!

Guy was in a state of extreme anxiety, spitting out a mouthful of blood onto the command table.

"Mr. Delgado!"

A tall woman in a military uniform anxiously called out behind him.

Guy roared, "Prepare a special plane immediately! Return to Draxon Kingdom! Oceanheim! Right now!"

"Yes, Mr. Delgado!"

After a moment, the enormous special plane soared into the sky and disappeared.

On the decks of dozens of aircraft carriers and cruisers, tens of thousands of soldiers all knelt.

"Farewell, Mr. Delgado!"

One day later.

In the western suburbs of Oceanheim, at the Lanes' Villa.

Guy was extremely anxious, looking at the villa before him and taking a deep breath.

Five years ago, he was expelled from his family and became a discarded youth. He was hunted down and had a car accident.

It was a long-haired girl passing by who saved him from his severe injuries, braving thick smoke and raging flames.

To repay the debt of gratitude, Guy married into her family. His wife was the daughter of the wealthy Lane family, who had saved his life!

On the second day of their marriage, Guy resolutely joined the military. After five years of fighting, Guy went through hundreds of wars and became the God of War! The name "Guy Delgado" was known to people all over the country.

He had "the Four Warlords," nine war kings, and 108 war generals under his command!

"Oh, come on, babe..."

A gasping sound broke the silence of the villa.

In the bedroom on the second floor, two figures were entangled on a luxurious bed.

"Derick, don't be so impatient. You haven't even agreed to marry me yet!"

"How can I stay cool? I can't hold back any longer!" The man breathed heavily. "Laura, give yourself to me! Once you divorce that useless guy, I'll marry you immediately!"

"But I can't divorce him!" Laura gasped as Derick touched her. "Derick, that useless guy should be dead on the battlefield. His personal information can't be found. Otherwise, I would have divorced him long ago. And that goddamn little girl... She's also a trouble! Oh, by the way, I just had someone send her to the Storm Dogfight Arena. Let her be bitten to death so she won't bother me anymore!"

At the entrance of the villa, a figure suddenly froze. He felt as if he was struck by lightning.

That kind and brave, beautiful girl from five years ago, the gentle girl who had saved his life, his wife whom he had spent only a night with, was being intimate with another man! She cheated on him!

And his daughter was being torn apart by a bunch of dogs!


At the villa's entrance, Guy's figure moved, sprinting rapidly into the distance.

His heart was taken by fury!

The fact that his daughter was being torn apart by dogs made him explode with rage.

"Laura Lane, you're so cruel!" he bellowed inwardly.

Guy's eyes turned bloodshot!

"My child..." he murmured in his heart. "You must be safe. Dad is coming right away!"

At the Storm Dogfight Arena.

There were a lot of people. Countless pairs of eyes stared at the metal cage in the center of the venue. They screamed like crazy.

A middle-aged fat man held three iron chains, restraining three ferocious mastiffs.

The mastiffs barked ferociously at a little girl in the corner. If not for the iron chains, they would have pounced on her!

The little girl looked pale and thin, every inch of her skin covered in bruises.

Clearly, she had suffered unimaginable abuse.

She curled up, trembling, her voice almost hoarse from crying.

There was going to be a special event at the dogfight arena, the battle between humans and dogs!

The audience in the stands had bloodshot eyes, raising their fists and shouting, "Come on! Hurry up! Loosen the chains!"

"Place your bets! I bet this little girl won't survive three minutes in the cage. I bet 20 thousand dollars!"

"I'll go with 10 thousand dollars!"

The three ferocious dogs were almost driven mad, jumping and lunging at the little girl, almost breaking the chains around their necks!

"Don't let the dogs bite me. Boohoo..."

The little girl tightly gripped the metal cage, crying out in agony. "Mr. Jarvis, please! I will obediently eat leftovers from now on. I won't fuss about eating cakes anymore. Boohoo... Dad, Mom, where are you..."

The fat man, Joseph Jarvis, had a grim expression as he bellowed, "You filthy little brat, it's all because Miss. Laura can't stand you. You shouldn't blame me for this..."

As he finished speaking, he suddenly loosened the dog chains in his hand. The three mastiffs went completely mad, viciously pouncing on Ida!

With their fierce-looking mouths, they were about to bite into little Ida's face!

Chapter 2 Who Is Her Mother?

At this very moment...


A figure appeared, smashing the metal cage made of alloy materials with a punch, then kicking all three vicious dogs away, sending them flying!

The mastiffs, with bones three times harder than those of ordinary dogs, were instantly killed under one kick.

The audience gasped in astonishment, staring in awe at the young figure from a distance!

Who was this person? This was amazing!

Joseph shivered and instinctively took a few steps back. "Who are you? Do you know where the hell you are?"

However, his face went pale in an instant, disbelief filling his eyes. "Guy... Guy Delgado!"

This man was Guy Delgado!

"I know you." Guy's gaze was sharp, piercing directly into Joseph's face, full of murderous intent. "You are Joseph Jarvis, the second butler of the Lane family."

Joseph seemed a decent man on the surface, but he was actually so ruthless that he didn't spare a three-year-old little girl!

More importantly, this little girl was Guy's daughter!

"You're... Ida?"

He shifted his gaze away from Joseph's face, slowly turning around to look at Ida, who was crying in the corner of the cage, almost to the point of suffocation.

When he saw her covered in bruises, his heart twisted in pain!

He, Guy Delgado, the esteemed God of War, ruled the world with millions of soldiers under his command. His reputation resounded globally! Yet, his only flesh and blood, Ida, was locked in a dog cage for people's amusement! And she was nearly bitten to death!

Joseph sneered disdainfully. "I thought it was a big shot coming here. And it turns out to be you. Aren't you supposed to be dead on the battlefield? Well, since you're not dead, then behave yourself like a dog! You are just a useless live-in son-in-law! How dare you kick Miss. Laura's fighting dog to death..."

In an instant, his voice stopped!

Guy suddenly turned around, his figure flashing, and grabbed Joseph by the neck, lifting him up.

Joseph's face turned red from suffocation. "What are you doing, you useless piece of trash?"

"What am I doing, huh?"

A fierce glint flashed in Guy's eyes. "Weren't you planning to feed my daughter to the dogs?"

He carried Joseph and walked briskly to the dogfight waiting area nearby. Inside were hundreds of vicious dogs, jumping and barking with bloodshot eyes.

Joseph's face filled with horror as he pleaded, "Don't you dare! Miss Laura wouldn't..."

Before Joseph could finish his sentence, Guy threw him in.

The sound of agonizing screams instantly rang out, mixed with the excited barking of the vicious dogs.

Joseph was torn apart by hundreds of vicious dogs!

Guy smirked coldly.

As the God of War, he wouldn't let anyone hurt his daughter!


Guy took slow steps, gradually approaching Ida, who was covered in injuries, and crouched down.

He tightly embraced the battered little girl in his arms.

Even someone as powerful as him, the invincible God of War who ruled the world, couldn't help but have a trembling voice at this moment. He held his crying daughter, his voice choking with emotion.

"I'm sorry, Ida... I'm sorry for being late!"

After what seemed like an eternity, the crying of Ida in his arms gradually subsided.

"Mister..." She raised her little face and looked up at Guy, gazing at his bloodshot eyes, gently wiping away his tears. "Are you... my dad? But Mommy said my dad sacrificed himself. Sacrifice means he died. Mommy said Daddy was a great hero who gave his life for the country... Boohoo... You're not my dad. My dad is already dead!"

Guy caressed Ida's head and pressed her little face tightly against his chest.

His heart was bleeding!

"Ida, Mommy lied to you. Your dad didn't die."

After a long silence, he raised his hand to wipe away the tears on his daughter's face and said softly, "Why did Mommy let them release dogs to bite you..."

In his arms, Ida suddenly raised her little face, her innocent big eyes blinking. She shook her head repeatedly.

"You're wrong! Mommy wouldn't let those dogs bite me. Mommy is good to me! It's Aunt Laura who made the dogs bite me. She always bullies me and Mommy, and she doesn't let us go home..."

Aunt Laura?

Guy froze as if he was stuck by lightning, his face filled with astonishment.

Ida referred to Laura as "Aunt Laura"? Then... Who was her mother?

He heard it clearly at the entrance of the Lane's Villa. "Ida..." he murmured inwardly. "Isn't she supposed to be my and Laura's daughter?"

"Well, you're the smartest girl in the world." His heart tightened slightly, and he managed to force a smile. "Let me ask you a question. What is Aunt Laura's name? Do you know?"

Ida's voice was cute as she replied, "Of course, Aunt Laura's name is Laura Lane. She is Mommy's cousin. I also know that, even though Daddy is a live-in son-in-law, I still take my father's surname. My name is Ida Delgado."

At this point, Ida's little face dimmed, and her big eyes were filled with tears again. "But Aunt Laura makes me call her Mommy. If I don't, she hits me. Boohoo... Mister, are you really my daddy? My mommy's vocal cords got injured in a car accident while trying to save Daddy. She can't speak anymore, but she taught me this..."

She struggled out of Guy's embrace, clumsily using her fingers to write the name "Guy Delgado " on the ground.

Then, she lifted her head, tears streaming down her face. She choked with sobs as she said, "My mommy taught me how to write this. Mister, do you recognize the name I wrote? They won't let me go to school, so my handwriting is not good."

Guy's body suddenly stiffened, and a thunderous roar seemed to explode in the depths of his mind. His heart almost stopped!

"Saving daddy," "car accident," "injured vocal cords," "unable to speak"... All these words turned into a lightning bolt, striking his every nerve.

Wasn't it Laura who risked her life to save him from the accident scene?

"Laura Lane..." he muttered under his breath. "She isn't mute, and she isn't Ida's mother. So, she isn't my wife?"

Then... Who was the woman he married and spent a night with?

"Ida." He stared into his daughter's eyes, his voice trembling uncontrollably as he asked, "What is your mother's name?"

Ida hesitated momentarily, and tears immediately welled in her eyes. She cried, trembling all over. "You're lying! You're not my daddy. You don't even know Mommy's name! Mommy's name is Chelsea Lane! How could you forget that..."

Chapter 3 The Deception

Guy stood frozen in place, and his mind was overwhelmed by countless thoughts.

It was the night of his grand wedding.

Relatives and friends of the Lane family gathered from near and far and drank together. Whether by intention or accident, they had Guy thoroughly intoxicated. Amidst the shoving of the crowd, Guy stumbled into the bridal chamber.

In a daze, he lived through that unforgettable wedding night. After that night, he became a true man and etched the woman into his heart.

However, throughout the entire night, he never heard a single sound from her.

He had assumed his new bride, Laura, was simply too shy and reserved to speak.

Little did he know it wasn't shyness or reserve at all. Actually, she had a damaged vocal cord, which rendered her voiceless.

She wasn't Laura. She was Chelsea.

"How dare you!"

An unexpected roar shattered Guy's thoughts.

In the distance, the spectators watched and pointed fingers at Guy inside the metal cage.

A dozen security personnel from the dogfight arena rushed over with rubber batons at their hips. They surrounded the metal cage tightly.

The head of security wore a fierce expression and angrily berated Guy. He shouted, "Who are you? How dare you cause a ruckus in the Storm Dogfight Arena? Do you know who owns this place? Do you know who our boss is?

"Now surrender immediately, or..."

Before he could finish his sentence, he let out a pained scream.

Guy flashed through the crowd of security guards, leaving them flying through the air with broken bones and agonizing cries. All of them were covered in blood.

Chaos erupted in the dogfight arena.

Then, a series of sounds could be heard.

His footsteps thundered.

Holding his daughter, he paid no attention to the chaos around him as he walked toward the shattered main gate of the arena.

His voice was slow and deep as he said seriously, "I missed too much time, and you and your mommy suffered too much pain.

"Now, I'm back.

"With me here, no one will harm a hair on your heads. As for the injustices you've endured, I will repay a thousandfold!"

At the same time, Laura was in the second-floor bedroom of the Lanes' Villa.

Laura had just returned from the bathroom and looked at Derick, who was sitting at the edge of the bed. She cast him a seductive glance and said, "Derick, you still haven't told me. When are you going to marry me?"

"Don't rush!"

Derick lit a cigarette, exhaled smoke, and pulled Laura into his arms. He chuckled and then continued, "As you know, it's up to my aunt in the Smart family. Just wait until you finalize your divorce..."

Then, it seemed that he suddenly remembered something. He let out a disdainful noise and said, "If it weren't for that waste, Guy, and that wretched Ida, there wouldn't be so much trouble. Make a call and see how things are at the dogfight arena. Don't let that little girl get bitten to death. My cousin..."


A deep growl suddenly echoed from the entrance of the villa. The voice was thunderous, causing the whole villa to tremble.

Derick shuddered all over, and the cigarette in his hand fell onto his thigh, causing him to jump and dance in pain. He hadn't even put on his clothes, but he rushed to the bedroom window and shouted angrily, "Damn it! Who the hell is making such a fuss out there? I..."

Then his voice halted.

At the entrance of the villa, Guy held Ida tightly in his arms, and his gaze was fixed on Derick. His eyes were sharp, and his voice was cold.

He shouted. "Don't let my daughter see your disheveled appearance!

"Put on your clothes and get out!"

At the second-floor bedroom window, Derick was momentarily stunned, but soon, a sly grin spread across his face.

He realized who it was.

It was Guy, the Lane family's worthless son-in-law.

Laura, who was dressed in a silk slip, stood by the window. She looked out toward the entrance.

Her eyes fell on Guy's face. She was initially taken aback, but then she appeared delighted.

She thought to herself, "That damn girl is here.

"Isn't she supposed to be getting mauled by the dogs? How did she return with Guy?

"Do they recognize each other?"

Then she said, "I was just thinking of divorcing this waste. His return is perfect!" After a brief surprise, Laura regained her composure, and her eyes sparkled with joy. She quickly grabbed Derick's arm and coquettishly said, "Derick, that waste is back, so we can proceed with the divorce proceedings. I will be yours soon!"

Derick squinted with a sinister smile. "Good! Laura, change your clothes. I will accompany you to get rid of this waste!"

After that, they changed into their clothes and linked arms. Then, they walked toward the villa's entrance.

Outside the Lanes' Villa, Guy held Ida in his arms. He stared fixedly at the two figures approaching. His expression grew increasingly grim.

Laura, clutching Derick's arm, strutted toward Guy. She couldn't help but smirk and said, "Not only did you return, but you also found this little girl. Not bad!

"Where's Joseph? Where are my three mastiffs? What happened to them?"

"Shut up!" Guy roared and then clenched his fists. He released a burst of anger.

He burned with rage.

In Guy's eyes, his fist should have slammed into this wicked woman's face, leaving her dead and lifeless.

But he couldn't do it.

She had a mesmerizing face, fair, beautiful skin, and seductive charm. The woman before him was the beautiful wife he had walked hand in hand with at their wedding five years ago.

They had obtained a marriage certificate, drank from the same cup, and performed the wedding rituals.

During five years of bloodshed, war, and countless restless nights, he had always longed for this woman.

But she was not the woman he had in his heart. She was merely her cousin. She was a complete fraud.

That wedding five years ago had been nothing but a grand deception.

As the invincible God of War, Guy had been deceived by this woman for five whole years.

"What do you want?" Laura was obviously taken aback and instinctively clung to Derick's arm. But she quickly regained her composure and raised her head high. "Don't forget your place. You are just a son-in-law of my family! How dare you shout at me! You..."

Guy didn't let her finish, and he said with a low growl, "Tell me!

"Why did you deceive me?

"Was it really you who married me back then?

"Who is Chelsea? Explain!"

Laura looked surprised. Her face was filled with suspicion. "You know everything?"

Laura thought Guy had figured out everything.

Guy clenched his teeth, and his gaze turned fiery.

He thought to himself, "It is the same as I suspected! Ida didn't lie. My judgment is not wrong. There was indeed a conspiracy during the wedding all those years ago!

"What exactly are Laura and the Lane family planning?"

Derick shot a cold glance at Guy's face. He was full of arrogance as he said, "Laura, he is just a waste. Why should we fear him knowing the truth? Tell him that you'll be my woman soon! As for him, he is nothing more than a pitiful creep. He is unaware that he's being played with and manipulated. What a pitiful creep he is!"

Laura chuckled, tearing off her facade completely. She twisted her body toward Derick, pursed her lips, and smiled at Guy. Then she said, "Since we are getting a divorce anyway, I have no intention of keeping any secrets. You thought I was your savior, didn't you? Haha. I'm not as naive as Chelsea. Back then..."

Back then, the Lane family was looking for a son-in-law.

The Lane family had maintained a single male heir for four generations. In this generation, there was only Chelsea as the heiress, and there was no one else to inherit. As Chelsea's cousin, Laura was adopted into the Lane family. She became the second most important member after Chelsea and effectively secured her position.

To ensure the Lane family's lineage continued, Randall Lane, the head of the family, made a rule that if either granddaughter gave birth to a son, that son would inherit the family name and control the Lane family.

At that time, the couple of the Delgado family suffered an accident, and Chelsea risked her life to save them. Then Guy married into the Lane family.

"You thought it was me who married you? Fool!" Laura laughed and turned to Guy with a mocking smile. Then she continued, "You were as naive as my dear sister. She saved you and got her vocal cords damaged by the fire. It turned her into a mute. I just went along with it and played my part at the wedding. I let them get you drunk and send you into the bridal chamber...

"My innocent sister thought that by sleeping with you and having a child, she could secure her position as the heiress and inherit the Lane family.

"But she was wrong!

"Whether she gives birth to a boy or a girl, both will be under my control. Both the position of the heiress to the Lane family and the future inheritance belong to me. All of it belongs to me.

"Even her entire family was kicked out by Randall. She is just a mute. She thinks she can challenge me. Dream on!"

Guy clenched his fists.

His anger was beyond description.

In his view, Laura was so malicious. It was a pity she didn't meet a tragic end.

"You seem quite angry, and there's more to come!" Laura glanced at Guy's face and then sneered, "Now that you know the truth, do you want to step in for them? Don't make me laugh!

"Look who I have by my side!"

As she spoke, she turned to look at Derick. She gazed at him with admiration. Then, she turned back to Guy with a look of disdain on her face. "Let me tell you. Derick is the heir of the Smart family. He is going to marry me. And as for Ida, I've already given her to Derick's cousin. So, in the future..."

Suddenly, a sharp sound could be heard.

Guy clamped his hand tightly around her throat, silencing the words about to come out of her mouth.

"You deserve to die!" Guy spoke coldly with an intimidating aura.

With his left arm holding Ida and his right hand gradually exerting force, he lifted Laura off the ground, causing her bones to creak. It seemed that they might shatter at any moment. In less than a second, Laura's face turned purple, her eyes bulged, her body convulsed, and her eyes showed a terrified, almost dying, expression.

The hand on her neck felt like cold steel clamps, and she had no doubt that if Guy wished, he could crush her bones inch by inch.

He was really willing to kill her.

"Having the audacity to act presumptuously in front of me? You've had enough!" Beside them, Derick roared. Then, he instinctively raised his fist and swung it forcefully toward Guy's face. "Damn it! I'll..."

Then, a thud could be heard.

Guy remained expressionless. He swung his leg like a whip, landing a solid blow on Derick's chest. Derick was sent flying 23 to 26 feet and struggled on the ground for a few moments. Then he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He eventually collapsed and lost consciousness.

"Killing you would only tarnish my daughter's eyes!"

Guy stared into Laura's eyes with a cold gaze. "I'll leave your fate to Chelsea!

"Although she can't speak, it doesn't matter.

"Just a nod or a shake of her head will decide your life or death.

"Now tell me where is my wife, Chelsea?"

Laura was gasping for breath. Her vision went dark, and her body grew cold. She felt immense fear, indescribable from her very core.

She thought to herself, "Guy...

"Isn't he just a waste? How does he become so terrifying?

"His aura is so intimidating.

"How can there be someone like him in the world?"

"Dad..." In Guy's arms, Ida was terrified by Laura's appearance, and her small face turned pale.

Then she said, "I know where Mom is.

"She works at the Imperial Bathhouse..."

Chapter 4 The Imperial Bathhouse

At the same time, Chelsea was at the Imperial Bathhouse.

This was an entertainment establishment run by the Smart family, with minimum spending starting at 600 dollars. It was renowned in Oceanheim.

There were all kinds of services, both hearty and plain. Occasionally, one might even spot a few young female celebrities.

The sound of a piano playing could be heard for a moment.

In the VIP lounge on the fourth floor, a solo pianist played with a fresh and melodious sound. It was hauntingly beautiful, with a touch of melancholy.

"She is so beautiful!"

On the luxurious massage chair, a burly man with whiskers draped a bath towel around his waist. He looked from a distance at the graceful woman playing the piano. His eyes revealed an undisguised desire.

She was truly stunning.

The woman sat gracefully behind the piano, dressed in a stylish haute couture work outfit. From his vantage point, he could just catch a glimpse of the haute couture's high slit, revealing two long, fair, and flawless legs. Her skin was delicate and radiant, gleaming enticingly under the soft ambient lighting in the hall.

Her eyes, her nose, her lips... Everything about her was beautiful. She looked like the princess in the fairy tale. Despite the smile on her face, there was a hint of sorrow between her brows, making her seem all the more enchanting.

"Mr. Theo, do you have your eye on her too?"

A wealthy young man leaned over, and his eyes were filled with desire. Then he continued, "She is Oceanheim's number one beauty and talent. Who wouldn't be captivated by her? Don't be fooled by her being a mother. Just look at her figure and that pretty face. She is even more captivating than a young girl!"

After hearing that, Theo Smart licked his lips and then chuckled.

Chelsea, as the former heiress of the Lane family, was once untouchable. Now, however, she had fallen from grace and was subject to their ridicule.

"I used to be all over her when I had nothing to do, but she never gave me the time of day!" Theo scratched his stubbled chin with a hint of satisfaction in his eyes. Then he continued, "I couldn't handle her before, but today..."

As Theo spoke, he gestured to Chelsea and patted his thigh with a lecherous grin. Then he said, "Come over and sit here. I will take care of you!"

The piano music continued to resonate.

But the piano rhythm suddenly became disoriented, and Chelsea lifted her hands from the keys. She stood up and lowered her head to apologize to the customers in the lounge. After that, she managed to force a smile toward Theo. Then she gestured a few motions with her slender, supple fingers across her chest.

Years ago, during a car accident, she had rushed to save someone, and the high-temperature flames from the explosion had burned her throat, damaging her vocal cords. From then on, she could no longer speak.

Her gestures were a form of sign language she had learned over the years. It was a humble plea. She said inwardly, "Mr. Theo, I'm sorry. I hope you have a great time. I need to go home to take care of my daughter."

After that, Chelsea lowered her head hastily and then prepared to leave.

As she passed by Theo, something unexpected happened.

"Are you leaving? Why leave so soon?" Theo suddenly reached out and tugged at Chelsea's haute couture. He whispered with a sinister grin, "Don't you know? Your daughter, Ida, has already been sent to my nephew by Laura.

"Do you know my nephew? He is the apple of my sister's eye. While he might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, he loves playing with pretty young girls. The last girl who played with him seemed to have accidentally fallen from the balcony and died. Haha!"

Chelsea's body suddenly stiffened, and she looked at Theo in disbelief. Tears welled up in her eyes as she silently wept.

She knew Theo had no reason to lie, and she was well aware that Laura was capable of such heartless deeds.

Her shoulders quivered. Silent tears streamed down her face, but no sound came out.

Her daughter, Ida, was her entire world.

"Oh. It's hurting, huh?"

Theo licked his lips and wore a smug grin. Then Theo asked, "Do you want to save your daughter's life? It's quite simple. You know how I usually treat you. As long as you get cozy with me right here in front of everyone, I can guarantee your daughter's safety."

After Chelsea heard that, her mind went blank.

Chelsea's face turned deathly pale in an instant. It seemed like she had been plunged into an icy abyss, and her entire body was chilled.

Theo was really a scumbag!

Ever since Chelsea was assigned to work here by Laura, Theo had been eyeing her beauty and tried every trick to get her into bed. She resisted with all her might to defend her purity.

But she never imagined that Laura would be so malicious as to offer Ida to the intellectually disabled young heir of the Smart family.

Theo was so cruel that he actually used it as leverage.

"So, have you thought it over?"

Theo gazed at Chelsea's delicate face, and his desire flared up. He playfully beckoned with his finger. After that, he chuckled and said, "Have you made up your mind? Don't just stand there.

"We're all friends here. No need to be shy."

Theo continued, "Serve me right here and now. Let the boys have a good time!"

The crowd began to applaud.

Applause thundered, and laughter echoed through the entire room.

In the VIP lounge, a group of spoiled young men was overjoyed. Some even whistled at Chelsea and taunted her. He said, "Mr. Theo is eating meat, and we are having soup! Everyone will get a share later!

"Chelsea, if you follow Mr. Theo, you will have endless blessings in the future!"

One of them said, "Yeah. She has already had a child and still acts all innocent here!"

Another one asked, "Isn't her daughter in the hands of the Smart family now? Let's see if she dares to refuse Mr. Theo..."

Mockery and taunts filled the air, and Chelsea wept as if there were no end to her tears. Her slender body beneath her haute couture trembled uncontrollably.

She wept silently.

She didn't argue. She just wanted mercy. She wanted to beg Theo for a way out. Her trembling hands formed gestures of pleading.

"Why cry? I want to see you smile!"

Theo smirked at Chelsea and said, "If you don't make me happy today, both you and your daughter will be in for a rough time!"

Chelsea's body swayed. Her lovely face paled and was soaked with tears.

Humiliation, helplessness, and despair filled her heart.

"Hurry up. My friends are waiting for a good show here."

Theo fixed his intense gaze on Chelsea's face, his eyes growing hotter. "Hurry up. Don't keep my friends waiting, or you and your daughter will both suffer!"

Chelsea was filled with despair as she moved forward reluctantly. She took a slow step and then gradually kneeled on the ground.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

A soft sound echoed, but it wasn't her knees hitting the floor.

A hand appeared out of nowhere and gently grasped Chelsea's wrist just as she was about to kneel to the ground.

The hand was strong and exuded a comforting warmth.

It was Guy.

Holding Ida in his arms, he gazed at Chelsea. He was filled with a mix of emotions. However, he finally said one sentence.

He said, "I'm here."

"Who is he?"

The moment Guy appeared, Theo first appeared baffled. Then he was furious, and his face was contorted with anger.

Theo thought inwardly, "Ruining my plans, he is asking for trouble!"

"Mr. Theo!"

A dozen hurried footsteps echoed from the entrance of the VIP lounge. Seven or eight security guards rushed to stand in front of Theo. One of them pointed at Guy. He was breathless and furious as he said, "Mr. Theo, this guy just barged in without saying a word. We couldn't stop him. We couldn't catch up."

Suddenly, a burst of noise erupted.

Around them, almost all the privileged youth who were relaxing in the lounge with Theo stood up, watching Guy with vigilance. Among them were a few tattooed, burly men who seemed to be Theo's bodyguards. They rushed forward and surrounded Guy.

However, Guy completely ignored everything around him.

His gaze remained fixed on the woman in front of him. He observed the tears welling up in her eyes, the fear on her face, the surprise and the bewilderment in her eyes.

He looked at her, and she looked back at him. Then she stared at her daughter in his arms.

"You recognize me, right?" Guy raised his palm and gently stroked Ida's little head. He spoke softly, "You've given birth to a beautiful and adorable daughter for me. Thank you.

"And... I'm sorry. I'm here too late."

Chelsea's lips quivered, tears rolling down her face. Her emotions had fluctuated too much, even her breathing was erratic.

Her restless hands fumbled with the hem of her clothing. She bit her lip tightly. She lifted her hands several times to make incomplete sign language gestures in front of her chest.

Finally, she gave up. She pointed first at Ida in Guy's arms, and then she pointed at her own heart. Finally, she made a hugging gesture. Afterward, she completely broke down. She hugged her knees and crouched on the ground, weeping silently.

"I understand sign language." Guy's eyes turned red, and he stepped forward to help Chelsea to her feet. Once again, he locked eyes with her.

Then he said seriously, "You said for me to leave quickly because this place is dangerous. You told me not to worry about you and to take Ida away, to protect myself and Ida.

"And you thought I might not be able to escape with Ida. You want me to abandon Ida and run on my own.

"Then you said that you've always remembered me, that you've always thought about me..."

Chelsea's body shook violently, and her tears rolled down her face. Her eyes shimmered with tears, and her eyelashes were soaked with moisture, all trembling uncontrollably.

Chelsea thought to herself, "He understands sign language?

"He understands all those jumbled sign language gestures.

"Then why isn't he running away?"

"I was wrong." Guy's gaze held a tinge of shame, regret, and anger. Then he continued, "I was deceived by Laura for a whole five years. If it weren't for..."

"You bastard! Damn it!" Theo suddenly shouted, abruptly interrupting Guy. He pointed his finger at Guy's nose with a cruel expression. Then he continued, "You piece of trash! I almost didn't recognize you. You're the Lane family's son-in-law, Guy!

"Daring to ruin my good time, you don't have enough lives to spare!


His voice abruptly stopped.

Guy's face darkened suddenly, and his hand shot out swiftly. He gripped Theo's chin and gave it a twist and a shake.

With a crack, Theo's jaw dislocated, teeth clashed, and a significant part of his tongue was bitten off.

Then, a powerful kick landed squarely in Theo's abdomen. His seemingly robust body, like a flimsy sandbag, was sent flying 16 to 20 feet, toppling over several luxury massage chairs behind him. He rolled on the ground in agony and let out a blood-curdling scream, with blood gushing from the broken tongue.

Everyone, including Chelsea, was utterly shocked.

Ida in Guy's arms was so frightened that she trembled and burst into tears.

Theo had a towering figure at over 6 feet and weighed at least 200 pounds. He was astonishingly sent flying a considerable distance with a single kick, with his jaw dislocated and his tongue severed, blood spewing.

It was too brutal and too ruthless.

Chelsea, both alarmed and terrified, let out an incredibly hoarse sob in her desperation. She frantically pushed Guy's arm.

She thought inwardly, "Run! You need to run! This place belongs to the Smart family. Everyone here is their people."

"Don't be afraid." Guy turned his gaze calmly to Chelsea. It seemed that he was discussing a minor matter. Then he said, "As long as you are willing, I can wipe them out right now.

"Those who dishonor my wife and daughter shall receive no mercy!"

This wasn't an empty boast. It was a declaration from the God of War.

They were just bastards. If Guy wanted, he could kill them all.

Chapter 5 The Divorce

As Chelsea shook her head vigorously, tears streamed down her face.

Chelsea thought to herself, "You can't kill him! You can't!

"I know you have been in the military and are skilled in Judo. But even if you may be able to kill Theo and many people here, you will also pay with your life!

"And how could you possibly wipe out the Smart family?

"In Oceanheim, everyone knows how powerful the Smart family is. With assets worth 2 billion dollars, they are involved in both legal and illegal activities. It's because of the Smart family that Laura could force us out of the Lane family.

"You can't mess with the Smart family!"

"Are you scared of me?" Guy asked. He hugged Ida in his arms and shook his head gently as he turned to Chelsea. Then he said firmly, "Don't worry. If I have to kill, I will kill all of them, and there won't be any repercussions. If you have something to say, you can use sign language. I..."

But before Guy could finish his words, Chelsea cried soundlessly and pounded his chest with all her might.

She thought to herself, "Don't say anything. Don't say anything at all. Just leave here. Please leave here!"

"I understand," Guy replied. He hesitated and ultimately nodded slowly. Then he said, "Today, I'll follow your lead and spare their lives for now.

"Chelsea, let's go back home!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he directly held Chelsea's slender waist. Then the three of them walked briskly toward the exit.

They completely ignored the playboys and security personnel around them.

"Kit him!"

Not far behind, Theo, supported by a few bodyguards, had just managed to stand up from the ground. He stared intensely at Guy's retreating figure, looking crazed.

An inarticulate and muffled roar erupted from his mouth. With his broken tongue, he shouted, "Kit him! Kit him now!"

The surrounding people were initially puzzled. However, after a few seconds, it suddenly dawned on them. They were now as fierce and ruthless as a group of wild animals.

They realized that Theo had spoken, "Kill him! Kill him now!"

"Take down this son of a bitch!"

"Everyone, attack together!"

"Get revenge for Mr. Theo! Kill him..."

Theo's bodyguards brandished their gleaming knives and surged toward Guy from behind.

Guy swiftly turned around, and his movements were like lightning.

The air was filled with the piercing cries of agony.

These people were sent flying and crashed to the ground with broken bones and gushing blood.

Their faces were covered in blood. As they looked at Guy, their eyes were filled with fear.

"Now, no one's going to bother us anymore." Guy turned around once more, reaching out to hold Chelsea's delicate fingers.

Then he spoke softly, "I know you have a lot to say and you have a lot of questions.

"Don't worry.

"No matter how severe your throat injury is, I will make sure to heal it for you.

"I promise!"

With his daughter in his arms and his woman by his side, he walked out of the Imperial Bathhouse, ignoring everyone around them.


Guy looked at the obedient and adorable Ida in his arms and said gently, "Tell me. Where is our home? I will go back home with you and your mommy."

"It's..." Ida was still somewhat unfamiliar with Guy. She saw Chelsea nod in agreement and then timidly spoke, "It's in the Woodforest. Grandpa and Grandma live with us. Take the number 19 bus to the last stop, then turn left..."

After Guy heard that, his heart tightened slightly.

Woodforest was an old residential district on the urban-rural fringe. It had been included in the demolition plan many years ago. The Delgado family had planned to invest in that land years ago. However, the investment plan had naturally fallen through due to the car accident and the family's subsequent breakup.

Guy hadn't expected that, five years later, Woodforest had still not been demolished.

"We won't take the bus. I have a car." Guy kissed Ida's little face and was about to take out his phone to make a call.

Just at this moment, something unexpected happened.

"We've found them. They're here!"

A sharp shout, accompanied by a series of screeching brakes, suddenly sounded from around the corner of the street not far away.

It was Derick and Laura.

They were in a black Maybach, peering out from the rear window and glaring furiously at Guy from a distance. Following closely behind were six Audi A8s, all driven by the Smart family's bodyguards. They all rushed out of their cars and then surrounded Guy and his family.

"Guy, you did come here after all."

Amidst the crowd of bodyguards, Derick and Laura approached Guy, and their faces were filled with resentment.

They harbored a deep grudge.

In the Lanes' Villa, Guy had kicked Derick and nearly broken his bones, leaving him in excruciating pain until now. Laura had almost been strangled to death. With a scarf wrapped around her neck, she covered the bruises from the fingerprints.

They had never suffered such pain in their lives or endured such humiliation.

"They are just a useless guy, a mute, and a little girl..." Derick grew angrier as he thought about it. He gritted his teeth and then shouted, "What are you all standing around for? Do you forget what I told you? Attack!

"Attack fiercely! Beat them to death!"

A series of noises rang out.

There were more than twenty bodyguards of the Smart family in total, and the muscular contours of their suits showed they were well-trained fighters. They all looked fierce and menacing. They were ready to strike.

"Wait!" Laura suddenly raised her hand, signaling her bodyguards to calm down. Then, she fixed a malicious and taunting gaze on Chelsea and then said, "This useless guy came back from the military. Do you feel like there's hope now?

"Do you even know what he did?

"He went to the Storm Dogfight Arena, fed Joseph to the dogs, killed three mastiffs that Randall loved, and injured a bunch of spectators, causing a ton of trouble! He also hit me and Derick!

"With all these things he did, it's enough to wipe out your entire family!"

Chelsea's lips quivered, and she turned to Guy. Her face was filled with despair.

She thought Guy was too impulsive.

Just based on his behavior at the bathhouse, it was easy to guess that Guy had done all the things Laura talked about.

"Chelsea." Guy ignored the others and gazed quietly into Chelsea's eyes. Then he said softly, "Don't be afraid. I've got everything under control."

After that, he turned to Laura and spoke indifferently, "Laura, did you really mobilize all these people to come here just to say these things?

"Derick ordered his bodyguards to attack, and you stopped them. It's not out of goodwill.

"So, what is it that you want?"

Derick suppressed his anger and clenched his fists tightly. "That's right. Laura, I was just about to ask you why you stopped the bodyguards."

"Don't be angry, Derick. Because I want to divorce this useless guy!" Laura leaned into Derick's embrace and then glared at Guy with hatred. "I checked the city hall several times, but I couldn't find any information about this bastard. If his ship company hadn't reached out to me a while ago, I would have thought he was dead.

"Now, I've finally figured it out. Because he went to the battlefield, our marriage information must be in the military database, and I can't get a divorce on my own.

"It requires his consent."

Derick furrowed his brow and grunted with his gloomy face.

Laura hesitated for a moment. She looked arrogant as she said, "Guy, considering your retirement from the battlefield, Derick and I can spare your miserable life today.

"What happened before can be put behind us.

"The condition is that you must sign the divorce papers."

After hearing that, Guy smiled.

Military marriages were sacred and not to be desecrated. With Laura's capabilities, there was no way she could easily get a divorce.


The God of War, on par with the Draxon Kingdom's monarch, held a position of utmost respect. Even the intelligence agencies of major world powers couldn't find the slightest bit of information about him, let alone the Oceanheim city hall.

As for Laura...

Guy thought this woman was ridiculous and foolish.

"Divorce? Is that your only request?" Guy, holding Ida, played with her little pigtails and smiled faintly at Laura. "You want a divorce, and so do I. It seems we have a common goal.

"Moreover, despite the five years of deception, you and I did walk down the red carpet hand in hand, exchanged vows in front of family and friends, and shared a toast to eternal love. We had this marriage.

"So, I want to ask you. Are you really sure you want a divorce from me?"

Laura was momentarily taken aback. Then she burst into scornful laughter. She sneered, "Guy, you are so arrogant. If it weren't for your military background and the fact that you've returned, you'd be long gone by now.

"And you're asking me if I'm sure?

"Damn it!

"Let me tell you. If you don't divorce me, we'll settle all our old scores along with the new ones. The things that happened at the dogfight arena and the three mastiffs... Guy, even if you had ten lives, it wouldn't be enough to compensate."

Guy shook his head slowly.

In his view, this venomous and malicious woman had no idea what she had lost, and she had no clue that she had once been just a step away from the pinnacle of the world.

This step, she was destined never to take.

Letting her live now meant that she would be in a worse state than if she were dead very soon.

"Divorce. I'll help you realize that wish," Guy said indifferently and then took out his phone. He quickly edited a text message and sent it.

Just a little over ten minutes later, a series of deafening noises rang out.

Chapter 6 Divorce And Proposal

A specially designed elongated Rolls-Royce black sedan, with seven in front and eight in the back, escorted by a total of fifteen bulletproof luxury cars of the same model as the current president. All these cars had license plates with the word "Guy", and they roared from a distant street corner, stopping in front of Guy slowly.

"Mr. Delgado!"

A tall and heroic woman in military attire led nearly a hundred elite warriors with loaded guns and bullets, striding in front of Guy. They all half-knelt on the ground and said in unison, "We're here to serve. Please give us instructions!"

As the woman half knelt, she handed out with both hands the decree with the word "divorce".

"Great." Guy took the decree and tore the one that belonged to him right to shreds, and casually flung the other.


It fell very accurately into Laura's hands.

"What..." Laura subconsciously looked at the final degree of divorce in her hand. She checked the content, name, date...

After being stunned for a while, she looked up slowly and stared at the scene in front of her.

These cars, these people, murderous soldiers, the woman in military attire, license plates with the word "Guy", and their respectful attitude toward Guy...

What the hell was going on?


Who the hell was he?

Who was he?

Not only Laura had this question, but also Derick and the more than twenty bodyguards of the Smart family nearby. Even the passersby who came and went on the street stopped their steps, their faces full of shock, and their gaze fell on Guy.

They had never seen such a scene. A super luxury motorcade, hundreds of elite warriors half kneeling on the ground, the handsome young man with a frank face...

A scene that was incomparably rare even on television was actually happening in reality?

"Is... this supposed to be acting?" Some passersby could not help but make wild guesses after watching this scene from afar. "Is this a military-themed TV drama? Look at those soldiers. They are all fully armed. They don't seem to be acting, and they're quite professional!"

Someone looked at Laura and Chelsea, and then at Derick and Guy holding Ida, with envy on their faces. "Look, those two actresses are so beautiful, and there are a child, handsome guys, and bodyguards... This is definitely a domineering CEO drama!"

"Which crew is filming this? Where is the camera? How can I not see it..."

Passersby whispered to each other, and they had various speculations.


Listening to the voices of passersby around her, Laura suddenly realized.

Guy was acting. He must have deliberately found someone to act in front of her, and these luxury cars as well as the license plate with the word "Guy"... They must have been rented by Guy. This kind of scene only appeared in TV dramas and movies. It did not even exist in reality!

"Guy, where did you find these actors? Their acting skills are so great." The more she thought about it, the more she found it funny. Looking up at Guy, Laura sarcastically said, "Is it fun to pretend you're really impressive?

"Luxury cars and guards, and the guards get on their knees as soon as they see you. This script is about upper-class society. You really made yourself quite impressive!

"A loser is a loser. You're actually pretending in front of me? You don't deserve to have an impressive image at all! Aren't you good at pretending? Just keep pretending!"

Derick next to her clearly understood the truth as well. He, who had originally looked shocked, was full of teasing at the moment. "I almost believed you were some big shot just now! Guy, you've put in a lot of effort to hire this crew, right?

"And how much does it cost to rent this motorcade for one day?

"Shame on you!"

Guy shook his head and laughed.

The capable people would not care about the provocation of useless people, and the big shots would not pay attention to the mockery of a nobody. And he, Guy, the world-renowned God of War, would not take these two clowns seriously!


He called out the woman's name gently, then turned around and placed Ida who was in his arms beside him slowly.


He bent one knee and half-kneeled on the ground!

Behind Guy was one of the Four Warlords in War God Pavilion, Tina! Further back, there were the God of War's direct guards, consisting of a total of 99 people. They all half-knelt on one knee, in an incomparably neat formation, forming a huge heart shape!

And the location of the tip of the heart shape was none other than Guy!

"I've been lied to and loved the wrong person for five years!" He and Chelsea looked at each other. With infinite affection in Guy's eyes, he stared closely at the woman in front of him.

"Until today, I finally found you and our daughter!

"I divorced Laura just now and ended this false marriage full of deception.

"Now, please accept my proposal, give me a chance to protect you and Ida, and let me give you the best love in the world!"

As he said those words, he reached his right hand into his arms gently and took out the proposal token.

It wasn't a wedding ring but a compact token glittering with pure gold luster, with a bas-relief sculpture carved on the front and Guy's name imprinted on the back. It seemed to carry the smell of hell with a strong sense of killing intent!

It was called Guy Token!

Guy was in command of the Four Warlords and was in charge of the Nine War Kings. He had 108 war generals under his command and was in control of millions of soldiers. This token represented the unique supreme glory of the entire Draxon Kingdom and symbolized the unparalleled feats that the God of War had built up for the Draxon Kingdom. Seeing this token was the same as seeing Guy in person!

This token was unrivaled in the world!

Chelsea covered her lips tightly, tears floating in her eyes, and she could not help but cry silently.

Guy proposed to her!

She had never dreamed of this scene before, or rather, she had fantasized about it countless times for five years!

In these five years, she had endured too many grievances and suffered too much!

She bravely rescued the young man from the car accident that day, and that night, she willingly tangled with the drunken man in bed! In these five years, she lost her gentle voice, lost the position of the rich lady of the Lane family, and her parents were also implicated and expelled from the Lane family!

It was also within these five years that she gave birth to her daughter Ida, and they did not spend much time together! Fortunately, Ida was a girl. Otherwise, Laura would have taken even her daughter away completely!

Until today, her man returned, saved their daughter, and saved her from Theo's hands!

He even divorced Laura and made such a big show to propose to her!

Even if this scene was fake, even if Guy paid for the crew to act in it, even if the motorcade was rented by him, even if all of this was just a dream... So what?

As long as he had the intention of loving her, that was enough!

"Marry him. Marry him..."

Loud applause rang out!

On the surrounding streets, those who enjoyed watching the funny show applauded and shouted cheerfully, "Marry him. Marry him..."

Behind Guy, Tina and the God of War's direct guards, all with their right hands on their chests, shouted in unison, "Marry him. Marry him..."

Chelsea thought in her heart, "Marry him..."

She bit her lips tightly. She was trying to hold back the hot tears that were about to fall out of her eyes desperately, her fingers trembling as she slowly took the Guy Token from Guy!

The token was heavy in her hand as if it were made of raw iron, but it was certainly not as heavy as a wedding ring...

But, what did that matter?

He was her man, Ida's father, and that was enough!


Guy burst out laughing. He held Ida in his left arm and Chelsea's waist in his right arm, his face full of vigor.

Both his woman and his daughter were in his arms!

All the hardships that his woman and his daughter had suffered in the past had come to a complete end! For the rest of their life, he would surely lead them to the summit and overlook the most beautiful scenery in the world! His woman and daughter deserved all the beauty of the world!

"Congratulations, Mr. Delgado!"

Tina and the God of War's direct guards maintained a half-kneeling position, punching their chests and shouting loudly, "Congratulations, Mrs. Delgado. Congratulations, Miss Ida! Congratulations, Mrs. Delgado. Congratulations, Miss Ida..."

Their voices shocked everyone on the street and echoed through the entire scene!

"Bastard, loser! Damn..." Not far away, Laura was gritting her teeth and watching the scene with her fists clenching tightly. Her nails almost pinched into her flesh.

She became angry and red-faced!

Even if the luxury motorcade was rented, even if these people were actors, such a grand proposal scene was already astonishing enough!

Guy was a damn loser and Chelsea was a damn mute. What qualifications did they have to create such a big scene, and why did so many passersby applaud and cheer for them, giving them blessings?

They did not deserve it!

"Laura, let's go!" Derick's face was full of viciousness as he pulled Laura back to the Smart family motorcade.

While ordering the driver to start the car and leave, he stared viciously at Guy and others from the rearview mirror. He clenched his teeth fiercely.

He thought in his heart with hatred, "A proposal on the street? It's such a grand scene, isn't it?

"You fucking wait for me!

"In a short while, I'll let you know what the grand scene is.

"We'll settle our score later!"

Derick and Laura had already left.

Outside the door of the Imperial Bathhouse, the grand proposal ceremony on the street had ended.

The passersby and vehicles left gradually amidst cheers and applause. Guy hugged Ida and sat in the exclusive car with Chelsea.

"Mr. Delgado!" Tina, dressed in a fiery red military uniform, sat in the driver's seat and personally drove. He had a respectful attitude. "The hotel you are staying at has been arranged. Would you like to go there now?"

Guy shook his head slowly.

Previously, Ida told him that she lived with her grandparents in Woodforest. They were his father-in-law and mother-in-law, and now that he had returned with glory, he must visit them!

"Drive us to Woodforest," Guy waved his hand and said.

The ultra-luxury motorcade quickly drove out of the city center and headed toward Woodforest, a location on the border between the city and the countryside at a fast speed!

Chapter 7 Divine Blossom

As early as five years ago, Woodforest was included in the city's new construction plan, and due to its remote location and little development value, it was delayed for demolition.

Until now, the original residents of the neighborhood had almost all moved away, only some retired old people and some working people without financial conditions renting a few cheap rooms there. There were almost no supporting facilities around, only a small store selling daily necessities.


Accompanied by the sound of braking, the luxury motorcade with license plates with the word "Guy" stopped slowly at the entrance of the neighborhood.

"Ah, ahh..." Chelsea, who was sitting in the back of the car, looked out the window at the entrance of the neighborhood, and her pretty face tightened slightly. She raised her hands in front of her chest and gestured in sign language quickly.

"Mr. Delgado, don't let the motorcade drive in, and don't let these actors out of the car!

"I'm very touched by all that you've done for me, but Mom and Dad are very traditional and they don't like all this. If they find out that these people are actors you've hired and that the motorcade is rented, even if they don't say anything about it, they're going to be very unhappy."

Guy showed a silent smile.

The motorcade was rented? These soldiers were actors he hired?

As the God of War, he actually had such an image in his wife's eyes!

"Okay." Instead of explaining, he got out of the car with a smile on his face and hugged Ida. Waving his hand casually at Tina, he then walked into the neighborhood's gate with Chelsea.

At the moment, in Apartment 108 of Building 2, Unit 4 in the neighborhood, a dilapidated residential area of less than 800 square feet, Morton Lane, the former third rich heir of the Lane family, and his wife Polly Lane, who had just prepared lunch, were sitting at the table having the meal. The atmosphere was extremely heavy.

"Grandpa, Grandma!"

The door was pushed open from outside, and Ida ran into the room with her little face full of joy. "Look, Dad and Mom came back together. I have a Dad now!"


Morton's body trembled and looked up slowly. Polly's hand, holding the fork, gave a slight pause. Her face was full of disbelief.

Ida's Dad?


"Hi, Mr. Lane, Mrs. Lane." Walking into the door with Chelsea, Guy bowed deeply to Morton and Polly. With both respect and guilt on his face, he said, "I already knew about what happened five years ago. Laura is not my wife. You are my in-laws.

"It's my fault for letting Chelsea and Ida endure so many grievances and for making you all suffer!"

Upon hearing those words, a twitch appeared on the muscles of Morton's face. He seemed to want to say something, but after glancing at the camouflage uniform and combat boots Guy was wearing, he finally shook his head without saying a word. He lowered his head to continue eating.

Polly managed a small smile. She nodded at Guy and gave Chelsea a wink before holding up Ida and turning back to the bedroom.

Chelsea's face darkened.

Although her mother and father did not say anything, their attitude was already obvious. Guy did not own a house, and he would eventually live with them. Even if he retired from the military, how much resettlement money could he receive? Without money, there was no way to improve their lives. Although their family had added a laborer, it also meant they had to buy one more person's food every day.

Her parents did not like Guy at all!

Morton remained silent for a long time until he finished all the food on his plate. He then looked up and said in a deep voice, "Chelsea, how much money have you saved from work in the past few years? Apart from Ida's necessary expenses for kindergarten and all the other expenses, check if there are six thousand dollars left."

Chelsea's pretty face went slightly pale. She bit her lips and nodded.

"Give it to me." Morton put down the fork in his hand, his face gloomy. "You know, since we were kicked out by your Grandpa, I've been trying to find a way to return to the family. Tomorrow is your Grandpa's seventieth birthday, and I plan to use this money to buy him a decent gift. I hope he'll be happy when he receives it..."

Chelsea's eyes reddened and she felt very sad.

She had the money!

Laura made her work at the bathhouse, deliberately humiliating and trampling her! However, after taking baths for customers and playing the piano occasionally, Chelsea could get some tips if she was lucky. Her income was not really that bad, so she had saved up tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

But Randall was hard-hearted! By only relying on a gift worth tens of thousands of dollars, it was just not going to happen that Randall would agree to their return to the family.

"Money..." Looking at Morton's face, Guy touched his pocket subconsciously.


Guy was a little embarrassed.

When had God of War ever bought anything on his own?

Although money was insignificant to Guy, it had actually become his biggest problem now!

Watching Guy's action of digging out his pockets, Morton's eyes lit up slightly. However, the bright light in Morton's eyes went out at the sight of Guy pulling his hand out of his pocket with nothing in it. He shook his head deeply, then remained silent and turned back to the bedroom.

Guy hesitated to speak. He did not know what expression he should put on his face at the moment.

Well, he was despised by his father-in-law!


Chelsea bit her thin lips lightly and reached up to tug on Guy's sleeve. She started to use sign language again.

"You used all your resettlement money to rent cars and hire actors, right? Don't waste money like that again in the future. Get a job to make money, and we'll be better off for sure. Mom and Dad won't look down on you."

She then took Guy by the sleeve and returned to her bedroom.

After Chelsea closed the door with her backhand, the room quieted down!

"Mom and Dad are coaxing Ida to have a lunch break. Ida has to go to kindergarten this afternoon." Chelsea's face flushed as she pointed to the double bed in her room. She signed, "Please take a break too. Let's go out and look for a job for you this afternoon. I'm not going to work at the bathhouse. I'll go with you to look for a job."

Looking at his shy-faced wife, Guy thought back to that unforgettable night five years ago. He opened his arms and looked at Chelsea with a sizzling gaze. "Chelsea, come here!"

Chelsea's face instantly flushed and she shyly lowered her head.

Biting her lips tightly, she rubbed her hands together uneasily. In the end, she signed with slight trembling movements.

"Guy, don't be like this. I'm not ready for this yet.


"We can't do it for a couple of days. I'm not feeling well."

Guy froze slightly and smiled. He stepped forward to caress his wife's pretty face and whispered, "Chelsea, it's not like what you think. Come here. Open your mouth."

Chelsea blushed completely, and she was so shy that she wanted to hide herself somewhere.

She thought to herself, "How... How could he act this way? I've told him I'm not feeling well but he still...

"He's so bad!"

"Why is your face flushing so hard?" Looking at Chelsea's flushed cheeks, Guy lifted his hand and gently touched them.

He said playfully, "Do as I say. Open your mouth. I have learned some medical skills in the military and I should be able to cure your throat."

Chelsea was even more shy than she had been a moment before!

She signed, "Teaser! So you were going to check my throat? Why didn't you say it just now?"

She gave Guy a deep look before closing her eyes. She slowly opened her sexy red lips.

"Hmmm..." Looking at his wife's throat, Guy narrowed his eyes.

It was serious!

Chelsea's entire throat tissue was severely burned by the flames and smoke generated by the car explosion. After five years, the surface injury on her throat had basically healed, but the damage to her vocal cords could not be recovered. It ultimately caused her to lose her voice.

In this case, her throat could no longer be treated with conventional drugs, and the effect of acupuncture was inadequate.

There was only one medication that could completely heal Chelsea's throat, which was Divine Blossom!

It was the national flower of Suno Kingdom, and there was only one plant in the whole world. It was planted in the back garden of the main palace of the Suno Kingdom and was taken care of by special people. This flower was also known as the Voice of God by the people of Suno Kingdom and had a miraculous effect on throat diseases. It bloomed once a year in September, and its fragrance would cover the entire palace when it bloomed. Its flowering period lasted about fifteen days.

It was September now!

"I'm sure I can cure your throat."

After checking, Guy stroked his wife's hair gently. He looked at Chelsea with a very gentle gaze and said, "I'm going out now. I should be back by eight o'clock tonight."

Chelsea looked up at Guy's eyes. From her eyes alone could say thousands of word, but in the end, she only raised her hands and made a few simple sign language movements.

"I'll cook tonight. We'll wait for you to come back to have dinner together."

Guy smiled knowingly and said no more. He turned around and went out. He went to the main entrance of Woodforest.

In order to avoid causing unnecessary commotions, the War God Pavilion's exclusive motorcade had already left Woodforest's entrance. There was only a man in a red who followed behind Guy with incomparable respect. Only after they left the neighborhood and walked to the outskirts of the city did the man in red quickly step forward and bow slightly. "Mr. Delgado!"

Guy's eyes narrowed slightly, the light in the bottom of his eyes twinkling!

"Chelsea's throat is damaged, and only Divine Blossom can treat it!" He gazed at Tina in front of him and said in a deep voice, "Pass my order to the Four Warlords, the Nine War Kings, and the one hundred and eight war generals!

"Ask them to gather at the palace of Suno Kingdom three hours later.

"I'm going to talk to the monarch of Suno Kingdom!

"No matter what he says, I have made my decision to take Divine Blossom!"

Without hesitation, Tina pulled out his cell phone immediately and issued orders through the internal channel of the War God Pavilion.

And then, he turned his head to look in the direction of due north. He felt a surge of fighting intent in his heart.

In the battle in the north back then, Guy killed the ten gods of war of the Suno Kingdom and crushed half a million elite members of the Suno Kingdom's army. The monarch of the Suno Kingdom begged for peace and promised that they would not dare to encroach on Draxon Kingdom's borders anymore!

As for now, even if they begged for peace again, it was useless. They either handed over Divine Blossom or they would get their country destroyed!

About three hours later, the capital of Suno Kingdom was in a mess!

More than ten stealth fighters broke through the electronic detection blockade and launched a surprise attack on Suno Kingdom. The palace of Suno Kingdom was filled with smoke and flames!

Guy, the God of War, led the Four Warlords, the Nine War Kings, and 108 war generals in person. In less than half an hour, they crushed the 8,000 elite troops of the Suno Kingdom, killed the main marshals, twelve gods of war, as well as thirty war generals of the Suno Kingdom...

Suno Kingdom suffered heavy losses, with at least two-thirds of its top combat forces killed, and most of them were killed by Guy personally! After this battle, Suno Kingdom was greatly damaged, and without more than a decade of recovery, there was no way for Suno Kingdom to recover its national strength!

The world was shocked by Guy's move!

"Go check. Check it thoroughly. What is Guy up to again?"

One angry roar after another resounded in the Blossom States in North, in Empheish countries, in the harsh northern regions, in the vast deserts... as well as in heavily guarded combat readiness buildings, unknown military bases, highly confidential military channels, and in the ears of high-ranking military officials!

The whole world was completely shocked!

The War God Pavilion raided the capital of the Suno Kingdom and destroyed the palace of the Suno Kingdom. It brought a deadly and terrifying blow to Suno Kingdom within 28 minutes at the cost of zero casualties! The energy War God Pavilion, or rather the God of War, Guy, possessed was simply too terrifying!

It was simply appalling!

All major powers around the world, including all intelligence agencies of the Draxon Kingdom, were running at full speed. They were frantically investigating what happened today!

Did the ambitious Suno Kingdom monarch provoke Guy somewhere?

Why did the War God Pavilion launch a surprise attack?

What exactly did Guy... want?

"It's just because of a small matter."

At the time when countries around the world were investigating the actions of the War God Pavilion, Guy had already boarded the Draxon Fighter and was on his way back to the Draxon Kingdom.

He held a pink flower in the shape of snow in his left hand and held the onboard communicator in his right hand with a smile on his face. ''Lord, you don't need to worry. I was merely going to pick a flower. However, the monarch of the Suno Kingdom was trying to arm wrestling with me.

"He obviously lost, so I burned his palace to teach him a lesson.

"That's all."

On the other end of the phone, the monarch of the Draxon Kingdom, who was in an incomparably esteemed position, listened to Guy describe lightly what he had done. He could easily guess that the flower Guy was going to pick was definitely Suno Kingdom's national flower. There was only one in the world, absolutely unrivaled!

"Guy..." The monarch of the Draxon Kingdom was somewhat at a loss for what to say. He said helplessly, "Don't you know that it's because your power broke the balance between the major powers that I asked you to stay away from the battlefield and form the War God Pavilion... You haven't been keeping a low profile for long and now you almost destroy the Suno Kingdom. In this way, the world situation has become even more tense!

"Those old men are calling me like crazy. They asked if I sent you on any secret mission and if you would take action against them.

"They're all freaked out by you!"

Guy smiled faintly.

The "old men" that the monarch of the Draxon Kingdom was talking about were of course the several monarchs of the rival countries. But they guessed wrong this time! The War God Pavilion did not have the time to pay attention to them. The monarch of the Suno Kingdom had already given in, and Guy had already obtained Divine Blossom. The action of the War God Pavilion this time had come to a successful end!

"Tell them to stop guessing." Guy grasped the communicator and said indifferently, "Tell them that as long as they don't offend the Draxon Kingdom, the War God Pavilion will naturally not bully them.

"If anyone dares to covet the Draxon Kingdom, the fate of the Suno Kingdom today will be their fate!

"Anyone who offends my Draxon Kingdom will be executed even though they are far away!"

The monarch of the Draxon Kingdom felt relieved. He was incomparably grateful.

Fortunately, the Draxon Kingdom had the War God Pavilion. The War God Pavilion was incomparably loyal to the Draxon Kingdom and had no mercy for its enemies. This was all thanks to Guy, the God of War!

After hanging up the call, Guy sat in the cabin and played the pink flower in his hand. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

Divine Blossom!

With Divine Blossom's help, Chelsea's throat had hope of healing. By combining modern medical techniques to straighten out all the blood vessels and nerves in her throat, and then making her take the flower's stem juice, her throat could be completely restored.

Her voice, her joy, her smile...

Today's action was worth it!

Guy destroyed a country just to win Chelsea's smile!

Chapter 8 Randall's 70Th Birthday Party

Around 9:30 at night, Woodforest was completely silent, and the dilapidated buildings waiting to be demolished looked even colder under the moonlight.

Except for Ida, all three members of the Lane family were still awake.

In the living room, Morton and Polly were low-spirited, and Chelsea's pretty face was pale, looking up at the small gold bullion on the dining table occasionally with a forlorn gaze.

They did not expect it!

Chelsea took out the six thousand dollars she had accumulated for a long time this afternoon and went with Morton to the gold store to buy the gold bullion. They were planning to give it to Randall as a birthday gift tomorrow.

However, just now, Randall called and scolded Morton, not even allowing Morton and Polly to attend his 70th birthday party. Randall even said that he would completely draw a line with Morton, his youngest son, and gritted his teeth to recount what Guy had done.

Making a big scene in Storm Dogfight Arena, hitting Derick hard, beating up Theo...

Guy offended the Smart family completely!

"Guy... actually made such a big mess!" The more Morton thought about it, the more angry he became. He slapped his hand hard on the table, his teeth clenched!

Since being cast away from the Lane family, Morton had been fantasizing, and hoping that Randall could retract his order so they could return. Randall's 70th birthday party could be their best chance!

But Guy came back and made such a mess, ruining their only chance.

They would never be able to return to the Lane family again!

"Chelsea." Looking over at Chelsea sitting across from her, Polly tightened her face tightly and said, "Your Grandpa said that he wants you to take Ida and Guy to his birthday party to explain everything and apologize to Derick and Theo in person.

"At that time, you don't need to do anything. Guy is the one who caused the trouble. If your Grandpa wants to blame someone and the Smart family wants to retaliate, just let Guy take all the blame!"

Chelsea's pretty face turned even paler, biting up her lips tightly and raising her hand to slowly gesture sign language.

"Dad, Mom. Guy and I..."

Knock, knock!

She had just started using sign language when someone gently knocked on the security door of the living room from outside.

"You!" Morton stood up and opened the door. Looking at Guy standing at the door, he was immediately furious!

He cursed in his heart, "Asshole!

"He didn't do anything useful to help the family but stirred up such a mess for the family! He didn't have a good rest at noon and didn't look for a job in the afternoon either. He just disappeared without a trace! Chelsea and Ida waited for him to come home for dinner until after eight o'clock in the evening. But he's actually coming back only now!

"Does he still have this family in his interest? Does he care about Chelsea and Ida? Does he really consider me and Polly his father-in-law and mother-in-law?

"My daughter may have a better life marrying a dog than marrying a trash like him. Even dogs know to guard the door!"

"Evening, Mr. Lane, Mrs. Lane." Guy walked into the living room. Looking at the small gold bullion on the dining table, he suddenly realized something.

Sure enough!

They must be discussing Randall's birthday party tomorrow. They even bought a birthday gift!

"Tomorrow, you're going to the birthday party with Chelsea and Ida!" Morton stared fixedly into Guy's eyes. He tightened his fists and unclenched them, again and again.

In the end, he turned his head to look at Chelsea, who had a pale face. He gritted his teeth fiercely, saying, "Take this gold bullion and plead with your Grandpa, hoping he can let you and Guy go.

"As for the Smart family...

"Guy, you're on your own!"

After saying that, he grabbed Polly and angrily returned to their bedroom.

Guy watched Morton and Polly leave before turning his head to Chelsea, removing the Divine Blossom from his pocket with a smile on his face. "Chelsea, I went to Suno Kingdom at noon, and here's the..."

Chelsea tightly covered her ears and could not help but shed tears.

She thought Guy was lying. He was lying again!

She then used sign language to say, "Guy, I can accept that you're useless! When the car accident happened back then, you lost both your father and mother and had to marry into the Lane family to be my husband. I can accept it. I can accept all this! But you've been joining the army and going on an expedition for many years. Can you be more stable now? And can you be more mature?

"You paid to rent motorcades and proposed to me, which surprised me. I was very moved and grateful.

"But those are all false!

"The fact is that you offended the Smart family and Grandpa. I can bear it with you, but you need to show courage and take on the responsibility you deserve as a man. You must face everything calmly and cannot escape!

"You said you went to Suno Kingdom...

"Why didn't you just say you went to outer space? How long are you going to lie to me?"

Guy remained silent for a moment, putting the Divine Blossom away slowly, and a cold light flashed through his eyes!

He made his decision silently, thinking in his mind, "Randall? The Smart family?

"You guys wait for me at tomorrow's birthday party!"

The next morning, in the luxurious party hall on the top floor of the Skye Great Hotel in Oceanheim, there were crowds and shouts of congratulations, igniting the atmosphere of the scene completely.

"The Carroll family gifts an emerald!" At the main entrance of the party hall, the butler of the Lane family greeted the guests with a smile and said joyfully, "Congratulations from the Carroll family to Mr. Lane for his good health!

"The old lady of the Harper family wishes Mr. Lane a long life similar to a phoenix and presents him with a contemporary master's painting 'Phoenix'!

"The head of the Sanchez family presents a golden vessel and wishes Mr. Lane all the best..."

Randall sat in the main seat of the party with a smile on his face, his wrinkled old face smiling like a blooming flower.

"Ahem, ahem!"

Until the guests all arrived, Randall coughed a few times to clear his throat, and then pressed down with both hands, saying with a smile, "Thank you all friends for coming to attend my seventieth birthday party!

"My Lane family is just a second-rate family in Oceanheim, so it's a great honor to have all of you here!

"Thank you. Thank you!"


Applause and cheer sound resounded, and guests in the party hall cheered one after another. There were also some people who complimented, "Although the Lane family in Oceanheim is a second-rate family, we all know that Mr. Lane is highly respected and the Lane family is backed up by the Lane clan in Drax. The Lane clan is the prominent super-wealthy family in the Draxon Kingdom!"

"That's right! Mr. Lane has an excellent granddaughter like Miss Lane, and the Lane family will be among the top families in no time!"

"It's said that Miss Lane has already divorced that useless man, Guy? Mr. Smart is in love with Miss Lane, so they must be getting married soon, right?"

"The Smart family and the Lane family will have a strong alliance, which we're happy to hear and see. Congratulations..."

These words seemed to be the words Randall wanted to hear the most, and his smile grew brighter and brighter.

But for some reason, when "the Lane clan" was mentioned, Randall's brow furrowed slightly but relaxed quickly.

Except for Laura, the guests present clearly did not notice anything unusual.

Laura and Derick sat on both sides of Randall, one on each side. After exchanging a glance with Derick, Laura suddenly covered her mouth and gave a few laughs, but they were fake laughs. "Grandpa, today is your 70th birthday. It's a very important day, but it seems that someone is not showing respect to you!

"Don't Guy and Chelsea know what day it is today?

"How dare they not take you seriously? This is very disrespectful!

"What punishment do you think they should receive?"

After Laura finished these words, the entire party hall suddenly fell silent.

Many guests there were aware of the internal strife within the Lane family and the events of five years ago!

Back then, there were no males in the younger generation of the Lane family, and Randall made special regulations to continue the Lane family's bloodline. He stipulated that Chelsea and Laura would get married at the same time, and whoever could give birth to a boy would be the future head of the Lane family, inheriting everything of the Lane family.

However, after a car accident, Chelsea's throat was severely injured, making her mute and unable to speak. And Morton, in order to heal his daughter's injuries, spent all his family money, committing the taboo of the Lane family.

Later, Chelsea was framed by Laura, and had a relationship with Guy, giving birth to a daughter, Ida. Randall was cold-blooded and ruthless, and at Laura's instigation, he expelled Morton's family of four from the Lane family, claiming that they would never be allowed to return to the Lane family.

"Hmph!" Randall glanced at the main entrance of the party hall, his old face gloomy.

Last night, he personally made a phone to ask Guy and Chelsea to come today and apologize. What time was it now? It was almost noon, and the birthday party was about to start, but they had not even arrived yet.

It was simply hateful!

"Mr. Lane, don't be angry." After looking at Randall's face, Derick chuckled in a low voice. "Guy is just a useless person. Isn't it easy to handle him?

"As long as you agree to handle him, I am willing to act on your behalf and send someone to deal with him and his family too!

"It's your final say to keep him alive or not!"

Randall cleared his throat. "Guy, as my grandson-in-law, is acting recklessly and causing trouble!"

His face turned fierce, and he said in a chilling voice, "I declare that the Lane family and the Smart family are on the same side. As long as you see Guy, you don't have to show him mercy, just..."

"Just what?"

A sudden shout suddenly came from the entrance of the party hall, interrupting Randall's words instantly.

Swish, swish!

In the party hall, countless gazes turned at the same time and fell in the direction where the shout came from in unison.

It was Guy!

With Ida in his arms and Chelsea in his right hand, he strode in from the main entrance of the party hall and walked all the way to the front of the main party table, looking at Randall coldly and sweeping a glance toward Laura and Derick respectively. His gaze was that of a knife, chilling and piercing!

There was undisguised killing intent in his eyes.

If Randall were not Chelsea's grandfather, he would be dead by now!

"It's you!" Randall's face stiffened and then he became furious.

There was no mistaking it. He was Guy!

The loser who had married into the Lane family five years ago, the bastard who had failed to achieve a good future after several years of warfare, and fell into the category of a scumbag who ran a sea ship and caused a terrible disaster!

"How dare you still come?" Derick and Laura stared at Guy with eyes full of contempt. Glancing at Chelsea, Laura said with a sarcastic tone, "What? Are you so brave now? You even dare to challenge Grandpa?

"Are you seeking death?"

A large group of guests gathered around, including Gaven Delgado's wife, Anne Delgado, who sat at a nearby dining table and glanced at Guy and Chelsea's faces in amazement.

What was going on?

Guy, the trash, was actually in conflict with Randall?

He... wanted to die?

"Are you seeking death?" Randall's gaze was fierce, staring fiercely at Guy and hissing, "You asked me just what just now, right?

"I'm telling you now!

"Whenever anyone from the Smart family and the Lane family sees you, they can just punish you!

"Punishing you regardless of the consequences or whether you live or die! Even if you die, you deserve it!"


Before Guy could say something, there was a buzz in Chelsea's brain and her pretty face turned pale.

She thought to herself, "It's over. It's over!

"Grandpa's furious, and he's completely agree with Guy!

"In Oceanheim, the Lane family is only a second-rate family. However, the Smart family is first-rate! With the power of the two families, wouldn't it be easy for them to deal with Guy?

"Me, Mom, Dad, and Ida...

"We're all finished. Guy, you've really messed up this time. You've finished us!"

"Oooo..." In her desperation, she shook Guy's palm away as hard as she could and turned to Randall with a face full of supplication!

While squeaking out hoarse cries, she made a series of sign language gestures in great panic.

"Grandpa, please. Please, spare our family. Please spare Guy!

"I apologize to you on Guy's behalf!"

She could not hold back her sobs while begging and making sign language. She even made a gesture to fall on her knees for Randall.


"Chelsea, stop it!" Guy's palm reached out and held Chelsea's delicate body firmly!

He looked straight at Randall with his eyes, then glanced at everyone in the hall and said in a cold voice, "Everyone, who do you think is wrong, Mr. Ryan and me?

"If you think I'm wrong, just raise my mistake and I'm all ears.

"If you think Mr. Lane is wrong, please leave quickly to avoid blood splashing out and dirtying your clothes later."

Everyone burst into laughter!

"You're just a man who relies on your wife's family, and you're speaking so wildly and thinking that you can make blood splatter? Who do you think you are?"

"It seems that I didn't come to this birthday party for nothing. It widened my view and I met a madman!"

"You really think that the Smart family and the Delgado family are easy to mess with? You're so arrogant and simply ridiculous..."

Chelsea was even more anxious, tugging Guy's sleeves and using sign language desperately.

"Guy, are you crazy? Let go of me. I'm going to get on my knees to apologize to Grandpa and ask him to forgive us.

"Otherwise, you'll be dead!"

"Whew!" Guy slowly exhaled a long breath, and the look in his eyes was firm completely.

It was time for these snobs to stop their laughs!

"Mr. Lane, today is your 70th birthday. I was supposed to celebrate your birthday with my wife and daughter." Guy straightened up his chest and said in a deep voice, "Whether you want to hit me or kill me is a matter of the future. Before that, you should at least let me present the birthday gift I prepared for you to express my blessings for you!

"Mr. Lane, I bless you on your success and promotion.

"Someone, take my gift here."


Just as Guy finished speaking, a loud and shocking sound suddenly came from the entrance of the party hall.

It was a shining coffin!

Tina, dressed in fiery red battle armor, strode forward while the four guards carried a coffin on their shoulders and smashed the entrance of the party hall directly.

They followed Tina to the center of the party hall, smashing the coffin heavily on the ground, and then shouted in unison, "The birthday gift is here. Mr. Lane, please take it!"


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